Custom Fitted Focusing Screens

~~ "BRIGHTSCREEN" Medium Format SLR & TLR Focusing Screens ~~

BrightScreens are available custom fitted for most medium format TLR and SLR cameras in 4x4, 645, 6x6 and 6x7 formats.
LARGE FORMAT screens are also now available up to 4x5 inch size - panoramic screens can also be cut up to 5 inches wide. Large format screens are all matte without a central focus aid. Scribed grids are available, please write for details.

~~ Medium Format BrightScreens are available for most TLR and SLR cameras from 4x4 cm through 6x7cm format, custom sized to fit the camera. Three basic types are available: BrightScreen MAT is all-matte, with no central focus aid; BrightScreen MP has a 13mm diameter microprism focus aid in the center; and BrightScreen MPD has a 6mm diagonal split-image prism set in a 13mm microprism collar. All screens have a matte outer field with a Fresnel lens on the reverse surface to brighten the image. In addition, allscreens can be ordered either with no grid or with any of a variety of scribed grid patterns. ~~

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