Custom Fitted Focusing Screens

~~ "BRIGHTSCREEN" Medium Format SLR & TLR Focusing Screens ~~


NEW CONFIGURATIONS NOW AVAILABLE: Effective June 2020, I am now able to make screens for Bronica SQ 6x6 and GS-1 6x7 format SLRs and Mamiya C330 and C330S TLRs. Parallax/exposure compensation engraving on the C330 screen is also available. Other custom designs can also now be done, please write if you need something special.
LARGE FORMAT screens are also now available up to 4x5 inch size for $100 including shipping - panoramic screens can also be cut up to 5 inches wide. Large format screens are all matte without a central focus aid. Scribed grids are available, please write for details.
["Scratch & Dent" Bargain BrightScreens: I have a number of BrightScreens with minor flaws, which I cannot sell at full price. The flaws may be a small scratch, a black speck embedded in the screen, or possibly imperfect scribe lines... aside from the flaws, they are equal to my regular BrightScreens. If you would be interested in one of these, they are available for $50 each including shipping. The selection available is a bit of a moving target, so if you're interested please drop me an email at with your camera model information and I'll let you know what I have that would fit.]

~~ All screens have either a 13mm diameter microprism type focus aid, or a 6mm diameter diagonal split-image spot within a 13mm diameter microprism collar in the center. In addition, screens can be ordered either with no grid or with any of the different scribed grid patterns illustrated below. ~~

Click on photo above to order. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

(for Praktisix & Pentacon Six and Bronica S2, EC & ETR SLR and Rollei and most other TLR cameras)

Here's a picture of the microprism BrightScreen MP, with #6601 grid pattern, as installed in a Rolleicord Vb:

... and a close-up view of the center focusing aid spot for each screen type:

Can't Decide between the MP and the MPD style? Click here for some suggestions

Here is a view of the BrightScreen MP with a 6608 "rule of thirds" grid pattern, installed in a Yashica Mat 124G.

The photo above shows a Pentacon Six with its original screen on the left, and the BrightScreen MP (with 6608 grid) on the right. Note that because of the thickness difference between the two screens, a small spacer is required between the screen and its retaining wire at the front center. This little clear plastic block is included with the screen.

These are not intended to compete with Beattie or Maxwell screens. They are more for improving the usability of earlier, classic cameras from the Ciro-Flex to early Rolleis.

The screen features either a 13mm central microprism spot (BrightScreen MP) or a combination microprism and diagonal split image spot (BrightScreen MPD), and an integral Fresnel field lens to give even illumination and easy viewing and focusing. They are available with or without a scribed grid to aid in alignment or composition (see illustrations below).

For models that I have fitted, the screen is provided with instructions for installation. If you have a camera that I have not fitted yet, you can send me your camera and I will install the screen and return it to you.... there is no additional charge except for return postage for the camera. There is a possibility that I may not be able to fit your camera - if I can't fit it, I will refund your payment less the return postage.

Here's a list of the cameras that I can fit so far

Price for a screen is $80.00, custom cut to fit your camera and with instructions for installation. There is no extra charge for a scribed grid. Postage is included in the price WORLDWIDE.

~~~Shameless Plugs & Unsolicited Endorsements~~~

If interested, please contact me at and let me know what model camera you have and what grid style you would like.... or just scroll down and click the yellow PayPal button.

Total cost is $80 USD for each screen; shipping is included in the price, to any location worldwide.

(Note for overseas buyers: Please ******DO NOT ask me to falsify Customs papers to avoid paying duty******. I price these as low as I possibly can, and I provide free shipping; this is all I can do. I don't make nearly enough on these to try to skirt the law over it. If you can find a screen elsewhere that costs less than this one, including duties, you are welcome to do so. PLEASE FACTOR CUSTOMS COSTS INTO YOUR DECISION BEFORE YOU ORDER A SCREEN.)

To order, please click on the yellow button below:

ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: After placing your order, please keep an eye on the email THAT YOU LINK TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I may have to ask you a question, and this is the email that I have for you. If you don't look at it, we cannot communicate. You will also be notified AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS when your screen has shipped. Thank you!




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